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  • Our relationship with Southeast Asia goes back 20 years
  • Starting as a family business, we've grown and specialized for our customers
  • Located in Vancouver, Canada and Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Over 80 tours in Southeast Asia
  • Only the very best, unique, authentic travel experiences are offered
  • Some tours are private with guide, driver & SUV or minivan. Other tours operate on a Join In small group basis
  • Guides are licensed, knowledgeable, reputable and friendly
  • We spend many months each year in S.E. Asia inspecting tours and itineraries

Booking is Easy

  • Same day and next day confirmations available
  • We can help you choose 2 or more tours to create a custom holiday experience
  • We answer all your questions up front
  • We love to serve and communicate with you
  • Let your adventure begin! You are in great hands

Reserving your Tour in Advance

  • During peak travel season in Southeast Asia (Oct through May) we recommend that you book your tour well in advance
  • Especially for river cruises and sailing trips, booking 3 plus months in advance is important to get the dates you want


  • We accept payments in USD by Visa, MasterCard, American Express all through PayPal.
  • Please view our privacy policy here

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