A Day Trip to Lop Buri

A nice day trip by car  and about 150 kilometers north of Bangkok, you will see a small city called Lopburi (sometime spelled as Sara Buri or Lop Buri). There is a large and popular temple here called Wat Paputthabat and small but nice  market is right beside it.  This small city has some historic importance in that Lopburi is one of Thailand’s oldest occupied cities. It first rose to become a major kingdom during the sixth century. Around the middle of the tenth century, the kingdom was absorbed into the mighty Khmer empire based in Angkor Wat, effectively becoming one of the most important western outposts of the empire. See http://wikitravel.org/en/Lopburi for directions on how to get to Lop Buri.   Make a stop at the very nice Leelwarin Riverside Restarurant and Bar on the way back to Bangkok. It is located almost exactly on the 111 kilometer mark from Bkk. For directions, best to Google this restaurant. They have a Facebook page with directions too. I borrowed this restaurant picture from them just to give you an idea. Its very nice place to relax outside and have dinner.

Leelawarin Riverside Bar & Restaurant

Wat Paputthabat

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