Asiatique in Bangkok on the Chao Phraya

A good night out in Bangkok is to go to Asiatique marketplace on the Chao Phraya River. Its new, its glitzy and there are many restaurants and shops to enjoy.  It’s very easy to get to. You just take the skytrain on the Silom line to the last stop before the river, its called Taksin, after a late great King. Here, you exit the skytrain down to the street level and now you have 4 choices, okay maybe only 3 choices.  You can try taking a taxi to Asiatique from there, but most taxis will simply refuse your fare because it’s just not far enough for them.  So you  can find yourself in a tuk tuk, which is fine if traffic is not busy or you can take a motorcyle taxi if you are up to the adventure. The road along the Chao Phraya riverfront can be very busy so you will be breathing in heavy fumes if  you find yourself in a tuk tuk. Another option for you is to walk to the river front and catch a water taxi to Asiatique. That’s probably your best choice in fact. The water taxi pier is very close to the Taksin BTS Skytrain Station. You can’t miss it!

Enjoy your shopping, your dinner and drinks on the river!

Asiatique on the Chao Phraya River front, shopping, dining and a nice night out

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