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12. Luang Phrabang

8 Good Reasons to Visit Laos

1. Dramatic karst mountain-flanked rivers in Vang Vieng The Nam Song River was once dotted with rowdy watering holes, but in recent years the government has attempted to clean up the reputation of debauched river pursuits (namely tubing). Hedonistic pockets still exist, but the riverscape and bucolic countryside, dotted with caves and lagoons – the […]

Thailand Beach Drink

Thailand Travel Tips 2014

All things considered, Thailand is a very safe country to visit. It has a well-developed tourism industry that welcomes millions of travellers per year, low violent crime rates, and a friendly population that’s used to interacting with foreigners. However, like anywhere else in the world, it’s important to keep your wits about you and be careful […]

5. bagan

Experiencing Myanmar in 5 ways

A newly-opened destination in a newly-opened country – the allure of discovering the undiscovered has been bringing an increasing number of visitors to Myanmar in recent years. Here are five ways to experience the culturally-rich and naturally-blessed country in Southeast Asia. 1. Sail the Mergui Archipelago For sun seekers seeking the elusive island paradise, the […]

3. lazy beach

5 of Cambodia’s best beaches

The beaches of Thailand and Vietnam attract thousands of visitors each year, but the lesser known beaches that adorn Cambodia’s coastline have the stunning scenery and idyllic atmosphere to rival anything their Southeast Asian counterparts have to offer. It is not only the mainland that boasts the Kingdom’s best beaches — a scattering of sandy […]

7 L'Appart

9 best Bangkok rooftop restaurants & bars

In recent years, the number of al fresco restaurants and rooftop bars in Bangkok have, well, skyrocketed. Come torrential rain or sticky humidity, every night diners and bar-goers head to the skies to indulge in some of the city’s finest wining and dining experience set against a twinkling urban nightscape. You’ll pay for the privilege […]


6 Best River Cruises in Southeast Asia

River cruises, similar to epic train journeys, have an undeniable romance of travel appeal about them, offering an unhurried way to take in a destination’s sights and a glimpse of traditional life along the river. Following the same routes which kings and explorers have travelled before, these are the best river cruises in Southeast Asia […]

2. phang nga bay

5 Reasons to Go on Phuket Offshore Excursions

The waters around Phuket are known for their diverse natural beauty, ranging from dramatic limestone seascapes to swathes of powdery beaches and undiscovered offshore islands. While Phuket itself is blessed with smaller quiet bays, to really enjoy mother nature’s finest, visitors should head towards the watery horizon. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons. 1. […]


Best Khao Soi in Northern Thailand

When people think of Thai food dishes, pad thai and green curry often come to mind. But for those having visited the north of Thailand, khao soi curry noodles may very well be the dish they they most fondly remember. Find the restaurants with the Best Khao Soi in Northern Thailand. Creamy in texture and […]

An early evening view of Bophut Walking Street in Fisherman's Village, Koh Samui.

Bophut Walking Street, Koh Samui

Earlier in the year, CentralFestival opened on Koh Samui, heralding in a new era of retail experiences on the island. While the shopping center does attempt to incorporate a tropical ambiance into its open air design, shoppers looking that quintessential tropical shopping experience should head to island’s handful of walking streets. Walking streets spring up […]

Khan maak tray items can differ, but commonly include (clockwise from top-left): Thai desserts, bridal dowry, jewelry, ornate banana leaf vessels with sugar cane. These gifts are symbolic of prosperity, longevity, and fertility.

Traditional Thai engagement & wedding ceremony

Visitors to the Kingdom who have had the opportunity to experience a traditional Thai wedding ceremony are usually intrigued with the elaborate processes involved. In urban areas such as the capital Bangkok, the majority of weddings — at least the handful I’ve been to over the years — still incorporate traditional aspects of this into […]