Ban Chiang World Heritage Fair

The 2013 Ban Chiang World Heritage Fair is happening now through to Sunday February 10, 2013 at t the Ban Chiang National Museum in Nong Han district, Udon Thani. Ban Chiang, a 5.000 year old archaeological site & UNESCO World Heritage is situated within the Udon Thani Province (Nong Han district). This is a good reason to go to North Eastern Thailand.

Witness ritual offerings to Ban Chiang forefathers and parades to celebrate the 85th birthday of His Majesty the King. There is a light and sound shows depicting the history of Thai Phuan people in Ban Chiang. Plenty of opportunities to shop for local products and watch demonstrations of Ban Chiang pottery making and painting, plus making iron tools in the old style.

Udon Thani boasts natural, art, cultural, lifestyle, religious and historical tourist attractions. Ban Chiang archaeological site is popular for Thai people and tourists who wish to experience the Thai Phuan culture with its 5,000-year history shown through pottery, iron and bronze artifacts.

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