Klong Phrao Beach on Koh Chang

I can blog, blog and blog a lot about Koh Chang and why you should come here. What’s good, what’s bad or indifferent, but sometimes pictures just do a better job of getting the point across, so without further adieu….  I will say that Klong Phrao Beach is very nice, the water is very warm and inviting. It’s not a party beach, which is good. If you want that, go to White Sands Beach. Not all of White Sands is party central and the part that is, is fairly tame. The Barali Resort was very nice. It’s a 4 star resort, so not too high end but everything was very good.

Klong Phrao Beach at Barali Resort

Dinner on the Klong Phrao Beach

Cold Beers on Klong Phrao Beach

Our beach front cabin or cottage or villa or bunglow… no matter what you want to call it, it was great.. Barali Resort, a 4 star resort so quite reasonable

more of the same

We were all very happy here at Barali. They played nice music in the morning for breakfast

Sunsets on Klong Phrao

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