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scuba diving in Thailand

Scuba Diving in Thailand

Thailand is blessed with a wide range of dive sites making it an ideal destination for divers of all abilities. There are rewarding sites in the Gulf of Thailand including Koh Tao and Koh Samui which are well-suited to beginner divers and those looking to enjoy the sun and social scene. If you are serious […]

Easy to find, just rent a scooter and you will discover this hidden paradise.

The Virtues of Koh Samet

It’s always easier to write a blog post about a better than expected travel experience. This post is no exception as Koh Samet proudly falls in the better than expected travel experience category. Located  only 3 hours from Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samet offers a convenient and close beach get-away holiday. Often overlooked […]

3. lazy beach

5 of Cambodia’s best beaches

The beaches of Thailand and Vietnam attract thousands of visitors each year, but the lesser known beaches that adorn Cambodia’s coastline have the stunning scenery and idyllic atmosphere to rival anything their Southeast Asian counterparts have to offer. It is not only the mainland that boasts the Kingdom’s best beaches — a scattering of sandy […]

mai ngam5

Snorkeling the Similan & Surin Islands, Phang Nga province

Around the turn of the millennium, I had the chance to snorkel off Koh Maiton, a small island near Phuket. Since then, I’ve been looking to replicate the experience which still holds as the benchmark to exceed in Thai waters. I even gave SCUBA diving a go, but soon realized that I would rather float […]

Bangkok to the island of Koh Lanta (Krabi)

Turns out, it’s pretty simple and stress-free to travel to the southern Thai island of Koh Lanta from Bangkok. My friends and I were able to book our trip from BKK to Lanta on Nok’s website. The booking got us from Bangkok’s Don Muang airport right to Saladan pier on Koh Lanta, including (1) flight […]

Phi Phi Viking Cave

Monkey Beach, Bamboo Island and Viking Cave

We thought we would share even more pictures of the stunning Koh Phi Phi Islands but there was just too much fun to be had in the water and under the water. After boating we scanned parts of the island for resorts where we could stay that would help us escape the party crowds and […]