Sawasdee Boutique Hotel Review in Bangkok

I have stayed in a lot of hotels in Bangkok and I find that as time passes, I tend to need less and less of the fancy 5 star hotels, especially during peak season when hotels increase their rates, so its nice to find some respectable boutique hotels that are reasonably priced. Something clean, simple and with a touch of character. This brings me to the Sawasdee Hotel on Soi 8 off Sukhumvit in Bangkok.

The staff are all very nice, the hotel is clean and simple and small but sometimes that is all you need. You can book this hotel online at and I also recommend the Salil Hotel on Soi 8. There are several Salil Hotels in Bangkok, all are boutique hotels and all are just fine. We’re talking 3 star here, maybe 4 star in some cases….

The Sawasdee Hotel on Soi 8 off Sukhumvit in BKK… smalll, cute, clean and about 1400 baht per night

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