Bridge on River Kwai Festival

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Take an elephant ride tour while you stay at Floathouse Resort or Jungle Rafts Resort on River Kwai

The River Kwai in the Kanchanna Buri area of Thailand is an off the beaten path place to enjoy a fantastic bike tour or river cruise or just relax in one of several floating resorts. A few names include Floathouse River Kwai or Jungle Rafts Resort. Both have tours on and are well worth the adventure because these resorts are probably impossible to find on your own. The River Kwai tours on include hotel pick up in Bangkok and they are all  inclusive as far as food goes.  December 7 to December 16th is River Kwai Bridge Week. Its a festival commemorating the prisoners of war during World War ll who built the River Kwai Bridge which was the part of the ‘Death Railway’ that spanned the River Kwai connecting Thailand and Myanmar. Thousands of lives were lost, Australians, British, Dutch, Canadians and Americans.  For those wanting to go,  you may want to check out  as they seem to have the most up to date discount specials and deals. There will be a ceremony for those who died while building the bridge which could be emotional for some people. The remembrance ceremony will be at the Ailed War Cemetery with and sound presentations, cultural performances, and historical displays. A great highlight trip!

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