ChatuChak Weekend Market… or is it JaktuJak?

In the Thai language there is no correct way to spell Thai words in English or in any other language, so you see spelling variations of the same word. If you travel Thailand today, this is important to know. The best way to understand Thai words is by sound translation so for this reason I prefer to call it the JaktuJak Market because the “J” sound is the way you hear Thai’s pronounce the name of the hugely popular and just plain huge weekend market in Bangkok.

How to get there? Very simple, take the Skytrain on the Sukhumvit line, get on at any station and you go to the last stop called Mo Chit where the Skytrain terminates and the JaktuJak Weekend Market is right there. Bargains galore, its a shoppers paradise and a great place to buy clothes and unique gift items. What struck me today was these really cool hanging lights made from smalls strings of coconuts.

JaktuJak Weekend Market Map

JaktuJak Weekend Market Map

Situated on about 35-acres of JaktuJack has bout 8,000 market stalls. On a typical weekend, more than 200,000 visitors come here to shop till you drop and people watch. It is one very busy place and it should be one of your last stops in Thailand because you will find irrresistable bargains such as unique Clothing & Accessories, Handicrafts, Ceramics, Furniture and Home Decoration items that you will want to take home. However, to save you from lugging your prize possessions all around Thailand, you will find that there are sophisticated intenational shipping companies right on site, you cannot miss them, and they can safely package and ship whatever it is that you just bought to your address in your home country, so worry not, have fun, shop, spend and enjoy!

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