Christmas In Bangkok

Do the Thai’s embrace Christmas? Well, not in a spiritual or religious sense but as you can see from these pictures of the high end malls along Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, Christmas is just as commercially visible here as it is anywhere else. Thai’s don’t miss a chance to get excited about shopping. Consumerism here rules the roost. Thai’s love to shop and spend. They do not shy away from new ideas and new trends which probably explains why the world loves to shop in Bangkok. Retailers can do well here. Christmas is no exception and it is interesting to see Santa Clause displays situated right beside a sacred Buddhist Temple. Talk about contrast. But it also demonstrates how accepting the Thai’s are. Nothing seems to phase them. They take all foreign cultural influences in stride. A sacred Thai temple and Santa Clause side by side; only in Thailand do you see that!

Amarin Mall in Bangkok near the Chit Lom Skytrain Station

High End Malls at Ratchaprasong on Sukhumvit Road

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