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Cambodia Land Mines

Cambodia Travel Tips 2014

Cambodia is a beautiful country with plenty of nature, history, culture and cuisine to immerse yourself in – but many visitors have questions about the country’s safety situation. Overall, Cambodia is a very safe country for tourists to visit. However, like anywhere in the world, it helps to be aware of the risks around you […]

Thailand Beach Drink

Thailand Travel Tips 2014

All things considered, Thailand is a very safe country to visit. It has a well-developed tourism industry that welcomes millions of travellers per year, low violent crime rates, and a friendly population that’s used to interacting with foreigners. However, like anywhere else in the world, it’s important to keep your wits about you and be careful […]

Foreigners Buying Condos in Bangkok

The Bangkok Post reports today that foreigners make up about 25% of condo buyers in the Bangkok area and that this number is expected to rise to about 30% this year. One of the key factors that foreigners consider when thinking about buying a condo in Thailand is the stability of the political environment. Prices […]

One Year Visa to Study Thai in Chiang Mai

I discovered a new school in Chiang Mai that was recently opened by a reputable graduate from the Masters Program of Chiang Mai University.  She has called the school The Easy Study Thai Language School. I understand that they are offering a terrific deal for a one year program which includes a one year education […]

Amazing Isan in Thailand

Isan tourism appears to be on the increase, but its not only tourism that is growing in Isan. The largest and poorest region is attracting more economic activity to the region in the north east of Thailand. Tourists tend to enjoy the areas around Khao Yai National Parkwhere people can visit many attractions such as […]