Hangover Part II Movie

Lebua State Hotel in Bangkok

Sirocco Italian Restaurant on rooftop of Lebua Hotel in Bangkok

This is bit funny so just a brief blog. Back in Bangkok and last night about 9pm at we went for a drink at the Lebua Hotel in the State Building in the Silom area of Bangkok. Its a 5 star hotel, some 66 floors high with 3 outdoor rooftop restaurants or lounges. A few scenes from Hangover II were filmed here on the rooftop.

On the elevator ride up to the 64th floor, 3 guys from Australia and a Canadian gal from Vancouver were clearly winding themselves up for a night of fun in Bangkok. They announced their intentions to reenact or relive (not sure to what degree) various scenes from the movie Hangover Part II which was filmed in Bangkok. You need to have seen the movie to get this, but I couldn’t help but ask which one of them was the lucky fella to get nailed by the ladyboy? They gave each other a rather serious look but didn’t seem to have an answer for that question. I suggested they draw straws!

A hangover in Bangkok, how much does it hurt? Maybe a better question is. Where does it hurt?

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