Huay Tung Thao Lake near Chiang Mai

Our day at Huay Tung Thao lake, only 12 KM outside of Chiang Mai, started with a quick a swim followed by a nice time in the hammock and a tasty lunch.

The perimeter of the lake has many cute outdoorsy restaurants in treed settings, consisting of huts on stilts in the water that you can sit in if you are in the mood for shade. Here you will find a great lunch time meal, what a fantastic picnic we had on the lake!

Driving north along Canal road for about 10KM, you eventually turn left, just follow the signs.  After about 2kms you will arrive at a ‘toll booth’ where you pay an entry fee of 20 Baht per person. This is a great day trip if you rent a motor bike! Or if you believe in pedal power, the road is safe and wide and you can ride your road bike for some exercise! If you are spending time in Chiang Mai, this is a must do day trip for you and your friends.

Kayaks are for hire or those  cute pedal-powered boats are available too.

Huay Tung Thao Lake Outside of Chiang Mai

Restaurants on Huay Tung Thao Lake

Your Table Awaits at Huay Tung Thao Lake

Not a Waiter, Just a Thai Puppy Doing What Dogs Do

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