Images of Koh Phi Phi National Park

We liked our day trip form Koh Phi Phi to the smaller surrounding islands so much that we turned it into a 2 day trip. We found a friendly captain and rented a long tail boat on beach at Ao Lo Dalum.  The boat seated 6 of us comfortably with ample shade. Our boating and swimming adventures took us to Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach, Mosquito Island and Koh Mai Pai where Koh Phi Phi National Park is. The island cliffs are dotted with many caves and for the true adventurer you can check some out. At Viking Cave you may see Thai men cave dwelling. These hearty fellas climb the cliffs to get to Swift birds nests which they sell them to the Chinese for birds nest soup.

Koh Phi Phi National Park on Koh Mai Pai

Treed area immediately adjacent to the beach

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