How to Orient yourself in Chiang Rai

I am here now in Chiang Rai now and I think its a cute, its easy going, much smaller than Chiang Mai and easy to get around by motorbike. To orient myself, all I had to do is find the beautiful amazing gold clock tower in the city center, from here I know which direction to go in. It was a big help my first night here when I didn’t know my way around at all, after dark its easy to lose my orientation so the clock tower was my beacon. Many coffee shops and restaurants and bars are close to the clock tower. I rented my motorbike about 50 meters from this central location. A very busy beer garden night club is about 3 blocks away, seems mostly for young Thai’s, not quite my cup of tea but its entertaining people watching  :-)

The Clock Tower in the City of Chiang Rai, my homing beacon kept me oriented even at night after a few drinks… ooops, who me?

clock tower viewed from 100 meters down the road

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