Lampang Ceramic Fair in December

The annual Lampang Ceramic Fair starts in December, usually on the 1st and it runs for about 10 days through to December 10th. I think this is the 25th annual fair. If you are in the north of Thailand during this time and if you are into ceramics or are looking for commercial trade opportunities, this is the place for you because  under one roof,  you will find over 400 exhibitors. The fair has grown in organization and stature due to financing from the local Thai government so there’s little doubt that if you are looking to import ceramics from Thailand, this is where you will find exactly what you want.

Actually the Fair has been renamed the Thailand Ceramic Fair and its now located in the Seventh Municipal Stadium in Lampang. We have not been to the Ceramic Fair but we have been to the Lampang River Lodge Resort, which we liked.

On there are 2 private tours that take you from Chiang Mai to Lampang. If you book one of these tours during the first 10 days of December you can take advantage of this and catch the ceramic fair. For those who are interested in ceramics, this is a worthwhile shopping experience.

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  1. Julie

    I totally agree, just read your blog about the Lampang Ceramic Fair. I have been and I am going again but this time I hope to, I plan to buy a small boat load of ceramic goods to ship home and sell…. Please wish me luck, guess I better bargain hard…   :-)


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