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For a good idea of what Lumphini park is all about check out this video on There are a list of videos here and I found the Lumphini Park video to be particularly entertaining and informative.

I’m here in Bangkok and running around Lumphini Park this afternoon. Ya its a bit hot out but not bad because it rained about an hour ago. This park is Bangkok’s version of NYC Central Park. I think it might be the only large park in BKK. Anyway, it’s a good track around, about 3 miles I think… I don’t know for sure because I ran 2 laps and I took a few short cuts and jaunts here and there within the park but its a pretty cool place because there’s a lot of people.

Aerial view of Lumphini Park

Aerial view of Lumphini Park

I saw what could possibly be the world’s largest stretching / yoga or Pallades class. I think I counted no less than 7 instructors spaced apart about every 100 meters or so, simultaneously teaching what had to be at least many hundreds of people, maybe even a thousand people. If you need motivation to keep you going, no shortage of that here. I couldn’t help but notice that everyone was having a great time in the class, lots of giggles going on, which I think is inherently a Thai quality but also tons of people taking it seriously too…,. I might just join it tomorrow. There was one lead instructor who was choreographing the whole thing with her microphone with speakers placed near all the other instructors.  It was pretty cool thing to see.

I just walk to the park from my hotel, The Centre Point Lang Suan Road now for $65 a night including breakfast. I think Centre Point has hotels all over the city, you can’t go wrong with any of their hotels as far as I know. Cheers!

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