Nai Harn Beach Phuket

The Lake Behind NaiHarn Beach

Nai Harn Beach is my favorite place to go if you are looking for all the comforts without all the crazy busy crowds. The beach coastline is sprinkled with trees so if you are

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The Royal Phuket Yacht Club at Nai Harn Beach

looking for shade, its only a few steps away. On Nai Harn Beach you’ve got everything you want including the terrific 5 star resort, The Royal Phuket Yacht Club Hotel.   Right next door, the All Seasons Resort is a very acceptable 3 star resort,  both resorts are right on the beach! The really cool thing I noticed about the Nai Harn Beach area is that a lot of people were jogging and riding bicycles.

There’s a small lake behind the hotels and its a probably about 2 klm around the lake with a good side walk and the road is flat and wide without too much traffic so lots of joggers and cyclists here. The main shopping street of Nai Harn has everything yet it retains a  quiet, mellow and relaxed pace. There are plenty of little bamboo bars and numerous outdoor restaurants featuring European food and all Asian food varieties.  You will find ATM machines and clothing shops. Nai Harn is smaller quieter than both Kata Beach and Karon Beach. I really like Nai Harn for its quiet enjoyment. When I searched they about 35 resorts or hotels on their website. I saw prices starting at about $40 per night for Nai Harn during low season. As you can expect anywhere, high season is more expensive.

lunch at the Royal Phuket Yacht Club at Nai Harn Beach

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The Beautiful Beach at Nai Harn

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