Rock Climbing at Railay Beach, Krabi Thailand

Krabi, the perfect destination for beach goers, swimmers and snorkelers is well known for its warm inviting waters and picturesque scenery up and down the coastline. The local islands are extraordinary and this is also the reason why rock climbing at Railay Beach, Krabi Thailand is awesome.

If you are not a rock climber, you are might be tempted to tune out about now, but seriously wait, neither was I and to top it off, I have a moderate fear of heights, so when I met Tex,  the local rock climbing guide and legend, I just was not thrilled to try it out, at first. But something about Tex was different, his passion for safety, his knowledge of local mountains and he seemed to have a genuine care and concern for his guests, so I signed up for a half day adventure.

Tex has been rock climbing in Krabi for 25 years and he knows the area better than anyone, basically he is the local guru. Tex takes out a lot of skilled experienced climbers so I didn’t think he would have the patience for me but he certainly did. Tex also teaches rock climbing to would-be instructors.

These images are from our half day trip; all in all a great experience as a private guided trip that cost 3,000 Thai Baht. The adventure also included a caving expedition through a massive cave system – no pictures inside obviously because it’s too dark.

We descended or repelled down from our cave about 200 meters above the beach. Note that most people wear climbing shoes, I couldn’t believe that Tex was scaling the rocks in his flip flops. I am plugging Tex in this blog simply because he comes highly recommended and he speaks good English. You will find his office storefront on Railay Beach East. You are best to drop by early morning at about 8:30 before he heads out or around 1:00 or at about 6pm. These image are taken from my iPad mini during our half day morning trip.

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  1. Geoff

    I can’t believe he scaled that thing in his flip flops. Tex must be legit. I can’t think of less appropriate footwear.


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