Hotel Review on Soi 55 in Bangkok

The Grass Suites Thong Lor on Soi 55 (a main road) is located just off Soi 12. This new hotel offers contemporary rooms in the $60 to $70 USD range, more for larger 2 bedroom suites.  The hotel features a very attractive restaurant and lounge area with live music on weekends. You will see why it is called the Grass Hotel, its because the exterior walls facing the street are covered in what looks like artificial grass. Grass Suites Hotel attracts a Japanese clientele which means that the hotel has those fancy toilets that do everything except shine your shoes. Aside from that the hotel is very charming, quaint and upscale for the price. The staff are friendly and helpful. Its located in an upscale bustling fashionable trendy neighborhood with many restaurants. I would say this is 3.5 to 4 star hotel with about 40 rooms altogether. The restaurant serves up some delicious Thai cuisine.  If you are not looking for culture shock, then this new neighborhood will make you feel at home because the shops and restaurants feel comfortable and are easy to adapt too as the neighborhood consists of a mix of well to do Thai’s and expats but not many tourists.

Grass Suites Thong Lor Boutique Hotel

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