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One of Southern Thailand’s lesser known and less traveled destinations is the island of Koh Mook, also spelled Koh Muk, off the coast of Trang Province which is south of Krabi but north of Hat Yai Province. Koh Mook has a few resorts but most are budget oriented and only operate from October to April. Whereas Sivalai Resort, a 4 star resort is open year round.


Sivalai Resort on Koh Mook is located on a beautiful white sandy peninsula. The sand is fine and soft, the kind that squeaks under your feet when you walk.  The water is warm and pleasant of course, but because the beach is not protected in a bay to shelter it from waves and weather and because there is a tidal ebbing and flowing over a sea floor consisting of that fine white sand, the water can often be a bit stirred up and murky in color instead of that picture perfect clear high visibility turquoise color. 

Nevertheless, Sivalai Resort on Koh Mook is a well run resort with a reasonably priced beachfront restaurant that serves up good Thai food and fresh seafood daily. A budget of $30 per day kept us happy and well fed. Breakfast was included in the room rate of $100 USD per night during non peak season, I should add that room prices are a lot higher in December and January and I should also add that our bungalow was right on the beach.  It was great listening to the waves crash on the beach at night while lying in bed.


So the question is, what is there to do on Koh Mook or at Sivalai Resort? The answer is, absolutely nothing. To be very clear, this is a place that you visit and relax for a few days at the most, be romantic or read books. There is one main attraction on Koh Mook called the Emerald Cave and its a terrific place to go snorkeling and kayaking for a half day tour day which you can book through the resort. Unfortunately the  rest of Koh Mook is not worth seeing. Its inhabitants are families who have fished for generations, education is minimal which might help to explain the excessive amount of garbage, debris and litter that you begin to see once you leave the resort. Well,  we did leave the resort, we walked a small way around the island and noticed that the other resorts also keep a clean tidy environment but the little villages in between with houses on stilts were surrounded by garbage in their yards and under their stilted homes. It’s quite shocking at first. We were told that a lot of the debris is left over from the 2004 Tsunami, but clearly in 11 years hence,  no level of government nor the local islanders have made an attempt to clean up the mess. Lack of education, a lack of funding or motivation is probably why. That said, Sivalai Resort is a nice place, the bungalows on the beach are perfectly fine to a 4 star standard and it offers good value for a 2 or 3 night visit.


Sivalai Resort must have more than 50 bungalows in 2 rows on both sides of the peninsula on which the resort is uniquely positioned.

At high tide, the water line and waves are less than 10 meters from your room.  For those who like to hear the sound of the waves on the beach until the wee hours of the night, Sivalai is a good choice. There is a small swimming pool and you can rent scooters, but really, you cannot go very far on the island, the roads are not good enough.



So, how do you get to Koh Mook? Its super easy and very convenient. Koh Mook is only a 15 minute boat ride from the pier on the mainland. The Sivalai Resort will send their speedboat to pick you up. The pier on the mainland is only about 30 minute taxi ride from the Trang Airport. So when you book, just email the resort and book your taxi and boat transfer too. The round trip for 2 people (taxi and boat) was about 2400 Thai Baht. Trang is about a 75 minute flight from Bangkok and most tourists prefer Thailand’s low cost domestic air carriers such as Nok Air or Air Asia.

Another way to visit Koh Mook for one full day which takes full advantage of the amazing Emerald Cave is to board our 5 day Catamaran sailing cruise which departs from the south of Phuket. Click here to read more about the sailing, kayaking and snorkeling cruising adventure.  On this cruise you will sail, swim, snorkel, kayak in the southern waters of Phang Nga Bay. You will eat delicious foods prepared by a chef 3 times daily and sleep in comfortable quarters with a private bathroom.  Day 3 of this trip takes you to Koh Mook so you can enjoy the hidden oasis  of Emerald Cave by kayak and by snorkel. After you navigate the cave by kayak, it opens up to lovely blue skies overhead and you have arrived at the hidden lake.


Southern Thailand’s islands are full of good get-a-way holiday destinations with a wide range of tours, activities, sailing trips, resorts, beaches and holiday options with prices ranging from low to expensive. To find the experience that best suits what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to email: and talk to our Guest Services Experts and ask us for suggestions.


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