Soi 11 Hostel in Bangkok

There is a very cool hostel on Soi 11 in Bangkok called the Suk 11 Hostel. The entrance is through a very funky restaurant down another Soi of no particular name, you’ll find it, there’s a 711 store out front as well. You won’t find the Suk 11 hostel on any of the major hotel booking websites such as but you will find many other hostels on Agoda because I think Agoda is the only major hotel booking website that has hostels, they certainly have more coverage in Thailand than any other hotel booking website with over 7200 hotels and resorts whereas booking. com or expedia has about half as many. So, options are good if you want the most out of your holiday. Suk 11 hostel does have a website You can make an email reservation through their site but I would not give a credit card on line to this site. Also, Soi 11 tends to be a party street with a busy night life. Suk 11 has a very clear sign saying no guests and they will refuse admittance to your guest and you if you try, further they say it’s cause for eviction, so don’t stay there if you are planning on having guests. It’s a super cool place and prices are 535 baht for a single room, 750 baht for a double room, 963 for a triple room and 1500 baht for a family size room. All those rooms share a bathroom with other rooms. If you want ensuite bathroom facilities, room prices in Thai Baht are 695, 963, 1284 and 1712 respectively, or about $16 to $25 USD

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