Songkran Festival in Sukhothai during April

Si Satchanalai Ordination Celebration


Referred to as Buat Chang Hat Siao by the locals, this event is held at Hat Sieo, Si Satchanalai, arranged by the local Thai Phuan people. It features a spectacular procession of ordination candidates (men about to become Buddhist monks) in colourful costumes on the backs of  decorated elephants numbering 25 to 30 which makes for quite a spectacle.

Songkran Festival

13 – 15 April

This is the most important time of year for Thai’s. In Sukhothai you will see a traditional Thai New Year celebration. This is the hottest time of year so its no surprise that Songkran eventually became known as the Water Festival. Songkran was mentioned in a famous stone inscription by the late Great King Ramkhamhaeng who ruled the Sukhothai Kingdom from 1278 to 1298. What would he if saw the lighter fun side of the Water Festival today with its squirt guns and generous volumes of water being poured over any unsuspecting person. This is not to be missed!

Best Ways to Get to Sukhothai


From Bangkok,take Highway 1 then Highway 32 north to Nakhon Sawan.  Highway 32 becomes Highway 1 again, follow all the way to Kamphaeng Phet, then take Highway 101 to Sukhothai. Check out the mini vans who are selling transportation tickets at the Victory Monument area. This is probably your most cost effective way to get there and mini vans run numerous times per day. It’s about a 6 hour trip by mini van.


Air-conditioned buses, also a very affordable option depart from Bangkok Bus Terminal on Kamphaeng Phet II Road for Sukhotai.  For more information, call 0 2936 2852-66 or visit,  Win Tour (0 2936 3753 or 0 5561 1039) , Phitsanulok Yan Yon (0 2936 2924-5, 0 5525 8647). It’s about a 6 hour drive by bus.


Not the most convenient way to go from Bangkok as the closest train station is still 50 km from Sukhothai.  But you are going to catch the train from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Station.  Tel. 0 2220 4334 or Hotline 1690, for more information.


You can fly with Bangkok Airways.


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