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7.Wang Nua Market, Lampang

8 of Northern Thailand’s Best Markets

Thailand has a propensity for marketplaces (called ‘talad‘ in Thai or ‘kad‘ in northern Thai). Every neighborhood has its own market where people buy fresh produce and household necessities, while markets in more popular destinations cater more to leisure shoppers and visitors. Here is a guide to the best markets in Northern Thailand to see, […]


Best Khao Soi in Northern Thailand

When people think of Thai food dishes, pad thai and green curry often come to mind. But for those having visited the north of Thailand, khao soi curry noodles may very well be the dish they they most fondly remember. Find the restaurants with the Best Khao Soi in Northern Thailand. Creamy in texture and […]

The main building features beautiful hardwood furniture and colourful silks which complement the 125 year old house beautifully. (Due to tricky lighting issues I've borrowed these two images from the hotel website to really give the space justice!)

Hotel Review: 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai

Lacking the white sand beaches and seaside resort feel of some of Thailand’s more popular tourist destination, Chiang Mai has attracted tourists more due to its rich culture, Lanna heritage and the mountainous terrain that surround the city. Chiang Mai also has an interesting history as one of Southeast Asia’s key markets for the burgeoning […]

Legend has it that the Emerald Buddha now housed in Wat Phra That Lampang Luang was first discovered by the abbot of this temple hidden inside a watermelon; it was kept at Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao for 32 years before it was moved. The chedi is believed to enshrine a strand of Buddha's hair.

Temples of Lampang in Thailand

The temples of Lampang in Thailand are just an hour or so from Chiang Mai. Lampang has plenty to offer for travelers seeking to wander off the oft-beaten paths of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. The city is third largest in northern Thailand, yet trails far behind its larger sister towns in terms of commercialization […]

More feeding and photo ops after the show. Trivia learned during the program? Elephants sleep for an average of four hours per night, with 98% of them laying down on the ground to catch their shut-eye. They each drink some 100 liters of water per day.

Lampang Elephant Conservation Center

Ask any visitors to Thailand and chances are “elephant riding” will be somewhere on their bucket list of activities to tick off. Not that I blame them – I once jumped at the chance to ride atop a gentle beast as it slowly but ever so surely lumbered along a trail. It was less comfortable […]


Royal Park Rajapruek in Chiang Mai

Spread over about 200 acres and located about 20 minutes from either the Chiang Mai Airport or downtown Chiang Mai on Rajapruek Road is this royal botanical park. I am not sure what the connection is to royalty, we couldn’t seem to find an answer to that while we were visiting but Thai people certainly […]

The 700 Year Sport Stadium Complex

700 Year Sports Stadium in Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai Provincial 700 Year Stadium Sports Complex in is the largest sports facility in the city and is located off of Canal Road, just a few KM from the inner city square of Chiang Mai. Here you will find a terrific track, a gymnasium and an Olympic size swimming pool. Annual memberships cost […]

One Year Visa to Study Thai in Chiang Mai

I discovered a new school in Chiang Mai that was recently opened by a reputable graduate from the Masters Program of Chiang Mai University.  She has called the school The Easy Study Thai Language School. I understand that they are offering a terrific deal for a one year program which includes a one year education […]