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7.Wang Nua Market, Lampang

8 of Northern Thailand’s Best Markets

Thailand has a propensity for marketplaces (called ‘talad‘ in Thai or ‘kad‘ in northern Thai). Every neighborhood has its own market where people buy fresh produce and household necessities, while markets in more popular destinations cater more to leisure shoppers and visitors. Here is a guide to the best markets in Northern Thailand to see, […]


Shopping for Vintage Treasures at JJ Green in Bangkok

JJ Green is a relatively new open air market right next to Thailand’s most famous weekend market Chatuchak (also known as Jatujak or JJ). During the day time JJ Green is a quaint community mall retail enclave with small air conditioned shops, but at night fall the area turns into a cool night market not […]

Bon Appétit – La Cuisine De Nathalie is another regular. The friendly Nathalie sells her home made jams, preservatives and pates that she has been perfecting over 7 years. I recommend you try the bean cassoulet.

Bangkok Farmers’ Market

One of the most enjoyable ways to get acquainted with a destination is undoubtedly through its food. Known the world over for its street food, Bangkok is also home to farmers’ markets, a relatively new concept to the Thai capital but one that has been embraced wholeheartedly by residents. For visitors to the city, the […]

More feeding and photo ops after the show. Trivia learned during the program? Elephants sleep for an average of four hours per night, with 98% of them laying down on the ground to catch their shut-eye. They each drink some 100 liters of water per day.

Lampang Elephant Conservation Center

Ask any visitors to Thailand and chances are “elephant riding” will be somewhere on their bucket list of activities to tick off. Not that I blame them – I once jumped at the chance to ride atop a gentle beast as it slowly but ever so surely lumbered along a trail. It was less comfortable […]