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6 Best River Cruises in Southeast Asia

River cruises, similar to epic train journeys, have an undeniable romance of travel appeal about them, offering an unhurried way to take in a destination’s sights and a glimpse of traditional life along the river. Following the same routes which kings and explorers have travelled before, these are the best river cruises in Southeast Asia […]

A map of Koh Kret welcomes guests as soon as they step on to the island, highlighting points of interest.

Ko Kret: An island on the outskirts of Bangkok

Located in the Chao Phraya river just a few miles north of Bangkok lies Ko Kret, a tiny island in the river’s oxbow bend known for its pottery, desserts and distinct Mon culture. Only a few hundred people live on the island full time but during the weekends the population multiplies as Thais, local expats […]