Restaurants on the Ping River in Chiang Mai

Having fun in Chiang Mai means going out to the riverside restaurants on the Mae Ping River. This is where you will have some fun, see some live music and watch as local Thai’s mix it up for a fun night. Chiang Mai tonight. Three well known hot spots on the river include the Riverside Bar and Restaurant or The Good View Bar and Restaurant or the Gallery Art Gallery and Restaurant. All are super cool, open air, with very large seating capacity. They do get busy, and if you go late you will find yourself lining up. They do hold a lot of people or “Kone Yer” as the Thai’s say for a lot of people and of course they all have live music and all are located right on the Ping River which makes for a lovely atmosphere on a warm night by the river.

The Gallery Restaurant and Shop

Inside the Gallery

House of Wine in Chiang Mai

House of Wine in Chiang Mai

Baan Jangarpor Restaurant in Chiang Mai, close to but not on the river, 150 year old building, very nice inside

Antique Shops near the Ping River across the road from the Good View Restaurant

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