The Virtues of Koh Samet

It’s always easier to write a blog post about a better than expected travel experience. This post is no exception as Koh Samet proudly falls in the better than expected travel experience category. Located  only 3 hours from Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samet offers a convenient and close beach get-away holiday. Often overlooked because Thailand holiday makers usually head to the southern islands, the warm, clear and clean waters of Koh Samet rival the best beaches I have seen in Thailand and this, I promise, is not an exaggeration. Sure, it does not have the stunning beauty of Phang Nga Bay or Phi Phi but If you want quick access to clear, clean, warm waters with nice smooth sandy beaches, Koh Samet wants for nothing. Our 5 day visit to Samet (sometimes spelled Samed) was in January 2015 to give you context.

Easy to find, just rent a scooter and you will discover this hidden paradise.

Easy to find, just rent a scooter and you will discover this hidden paradise.

Beach goers looking for quiet enjoyment with lovely beaches will be happy on Koh Samet.

Beach goers looking for quiet enjoyment with lovely beaches will be happy on Koh Samet.

Koh Samet sandy beach

The Beach at Lima Coco Resort. There are 3 resorts on this beach, 3, 4 and 5 star

Sunset on Koh Samet

Sunset at Lima Coco Resort on Koh Samet

How To Get There

The best way to get to Koh Samet is by minivan. You can catch a minivan at 2 locations in Bangkok. The Ekamai Bus Terminal or at the Victory Monument Transportation Hub. Minivans tend to carry about 9 passengers and they can be full. Its about a 3 hour ride from Bangkok to the coastal town of Rayong where you catch the ferry for a 30 minute boat ride to the island. You can also take a bus from Ekamai but its about 4 hours. The minivan costs about 150 Baht per person.  There are about 5 different piers that the buses or minivans will take you too in Rayong. Have no fear, all the piers have boats that will take you too Koh Samet. Our minivan took us to the Chock Kristada Pier and from there we waited about 20 minutes and then boarded a boat that took us straight to bay where we booked our hotel, the Lima Coco Resort.

Pier in Rayong to Koh Samet

The Chock Kristada Pier in Rayong

ticket book at the pier in Rayong

Where you buy ferry tickets at the Pier in Rayong

arriving on Samet

Arriving on Samet at the Lima Coco Resort, being shuttled by small taxi to the beach from the ferry

I’d be remiss if I didn’t show you picture of the ferry from the Rayong Pier to Koh Samet, so here it is.

ferry to Koh Samet

The ferry was the larger of the 2 in this photo. Only 6 people on board and this is peak season!

Who Should Go to Koh Samet

Travelers to Thailand are often undecided about how and where to spend their time. The north around Chiang Mai offers interesting tours and cultural experiences. The south offers tropical beaches and island hopping.  Koh Samui is expensive in peak Season, Krabi is busy, Patong Beach on Phuket is party animal central and Koh Phi Phi, as beautiful as it is, can also be a party location during peak season.  So, if you are mostly up north but you want  a few days of quiet enjoyment, you can find it on Samet. Almost everyone wants 2 or 3 days in Bangkok, so Samet is a perfect get-away beach destination. If you want to avoid the hassles of airports or the cost of domestic flights, Samet is a good choice.  Koh Samet is family friendly, it also has a campground for backpackers. There’s a cute village town on the main street that offers all the services that tourists want.

This blog is not intended to tell you everything you need to know about Koh Samet. Other information on the Internet already does that. I am just here to say that the beaches were nicer than I expected, the water was warmer, clearer and more clean than I have seen elsewhere in Thailand, so don’t overlook this cute and convenient Thailand destination!



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