Walking on Sky Bridges in Bangkok

One of the really cool things about the new Skytrain System in Bangkok is the elevated Skywalk that the Thai’s built along a 3 block stretch of Sukhumvit Road from Chit Lom Station to Siam Station, you walk along a lovely elevated walkway above the road and below the Skytrain as shown in this picture. Its a great way to explore the shopping malls, avoid the crowds and the traffic. Sukhumvit Road is busy and there are many street vendors all along both sides so it can be a bit of an obstacle course at times. The skybridge allows you to walk leisurely and you can take in the sites of the city more easily. There are two areas that have a skybridge. You can also find another long stretch of elevated walking along Silom Road near the Patpong night market.

Skywalk Along Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok


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