While in Thailand, eat Roti desert

Everywhere we have travelled in Thailand we have (luckily!) been able to spot a rotee/roti cart. These deserts apparently got their name back in the day when these dessert cart vendors were from South Asia,  and Thais called them roti, like the bread you get with indian food– but do not be mistaken, these are completely different. They are my new favorite dessert! You can order them with fruit mixes like banana and mango, nuttella spread, egg and sweetened condensed milk.

And, although it didn’t intuitively seem like the best combo, one of the best is actually egg and banana toped with sweet milk/nutella or (what the heck, you’re on vacation!) BOTH.

A word of warning though – it’s not the healthiest item on the menu, it’s cooked up with butter and they pour on the sugar however the roti gets served chopped up into little bite sized pieces. So, in theory, perfect for sharing. Once you get a bite though, good luck putting that theory into practice…my friends and I had to reconsider.

mai sai nam dtan (hold the sugar)

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