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Explore the Tu Lan Cave System3 Days, 2 Nights

Jungle Camp, Trek, Swim and Explore in Vietnam

Bring your Sense of Adventure to Vietnam! The Caves of Tu Lan Await

This exciting three-day adventure tour is a a bit difficult as it includes a trek (up to 18km) with a number of steep inclines over limestone mountain trails. You will have time to explore almost all of the caves in the area (that we know of) including Tu Lan Cave, Hang Kim and Hang Ken, which was featured as the National Geographic Photograph of the year in 2011. You’ll see many beautiful cave formations, swim through underground rivers and visit spectacular waterfalls inside the caves and surrounding valleys.

With two nights camping under the bright starligh you will have plenty of time to soak in the jungle atmosphere and learn more about the local people of the area. The food is always highlight, with an amazing BBQ prepared each evening by our expert jungle men. This is not a walk in the park and is setup as a real jungle adventure experience. You will swim through caves, traverse wide rivers, and negotiate rocky trails. It will absolutely be a highlight of your travels through Vietnam.

Safety is absolutely paramount on all trips. You will be provided with helmets, life jackets, headlights and trekking boots (limited sizes 38 – 46). All camping gear will also be provided and carried by your porters. The minimum age we accept is 16 years with no exceptions.

All tours are on a join in basis departing on Tuesdays and Saturdays from Phong Nha. On this tour you will have time to explore the caves and go deep. You'll meet new friends and get to know very interesting local guides!


Tour Itinerary & Map (below)


A fascinating caving, hiking and swimming advenure begins! 
The day starts at 8:00 am with pick up from local hotels in Phong Nha and transfer to the tour guide office for your safety briefing. After this we drive to Tan Hoa Village by an air conditioned vehicle. You will arrive in Tan Hoa by 10:00 and bgin hiking for about 2km across the peanut and buffalo fields to the Rao Nan River. Here you will cross the river and climb about 200m up a rocky hillside to Hung Ton Valley.This is where we pick up our treking for a modest 1 kilomter through the thick scrub across the Hung Ton Valley and continue a moderate climb up Hung Ton Mountain which is where we should be by about 11:00 am. 
You will follow the trail along the mountain ridge for about 3 KM and then trek up to Mango Mountain which should take you to about 1:00 in the early afternoon which means it is time for your nutritious picnic lunch on the top of Mango Mountain. After a nice lunch and a nice rest, by 2:00 its time for you to continue trekking down the mountain (2km) to the Tu Lan Valley, where at about 4:00 in the afternoon you will probably really enjoy a nice swim around the waterfall. The crew sets up the campsite here for the night, you can relax, swim and look around. But, by 6:00 its definitely time to enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner with your team.
Overnight at Tu Lan Valley Campsite. 


Day 2 starts 8:00 am and nothing like a healthy breakfast after a night of jungle camping! 
At 9:00 you will start your swim 200m into Tu Lan Cave and climb through dry passage back to Tu Lan Valley. About a 2km journey inside the cave which takes about 2 hours and by about 11:00  you can swim another 200 meters into Ken Cave and explore the cave and its formations before returning to campsite. What a morning, this is what you signed up for!
12:30  - An energizing picnic lunch back at the Tu Lan Valley Campsite and a little rest after a really fun morning. As 1:30 in the early afternoon rolls around its time to trek towards Hang Kim (500m) and explore dry passage of the cave. This cave journey takes about an hour and a half and then you can swim again and climb and hike some more through Hang Kim Cave (1km) and eventually you will exit at To Mo Valley by about 3:30. Here we can swim and trek up river to To Mo Valley Campsite beside the Hung Ton waterfall, where, you arrive by about at about 4:00 and you can do, guess what? Yes, more swrimming around the To Mo Waterfall which is right at your campsite. 
6:00  - Its time for BBQ dinner and overnight jungle camping in the To Mo Valley. A relaxing night at the campsite and a lot to think and talk about with your friends. What a day! If you are the active type, how can you not love this?
Tonight camping at the To Mo Valley Campsite.


Hike to Mo Valley – La Ken Valley - Tan Hoa. Back to Phong Nha.
Breakfast is earlier today at 7:00 am and then you will swim upstream about 200 meter past the waterfall and through the Hung Ton Cave. Exploring the  cave and then continue hiking to explore the dry passage through the Hung Ton Cave. Climb 15 meter ladder with safety rope to entrance of Hung Ton Cave. 
09:45  - Start trekking across Hung Ton Valley and over hill to La Ken Valley (2.5km). You will arrive at La Ken Valley and go 400m through Hang Chuot otherwise know as Rat Cave. At about 12:30  you will cross Rao Nan River back to peanut and buffalo fields and trek 2km back to Tan Hoa.
1:45  - Lunch at local restaurant in Tan Hoa Village. And at about 2:30  you will depart Tan Hoa Village for Phong Nha and you'll arrive back in Phong Nha and transfer to your local hotel by about 4:30.
The end of a really great adventure!  What's next? 

Good to Know

This Adventure

Level: Moderate-to-High (16-18km). Must have decent level of fitness.


Primary Forest; Tu Lan Cave, To Mo Valley, Hang Kim Cave, Swimming in Caves (weather permitting), Ken Waterfall, Hang Ken Cave, Hang Chuot, Overnight in jungle.

Trekking Gear Provided

Helmet, Trekking Boots (sizes 38-46), Headlight, Life Jacket, Hammock, Sleeping Bag. 

What You Should Bring: 

  • Hiking shoes with good grip 
  • Sun cream
  • Headgear, Insect repellent (DEET medicated) 
  • Sun glasses 
  • Small backpack
  • Short sleeve shirts for the day time (bring a spare one, just in case) 
  • Long sleeves for the evening (especially in the winter Nov - Feb it can be a bit cold) 
  • Shoes with good grip 
  • Your personal toiletries 
  • Fully charged batteries or even an extra battery for your camera. 
  • Cash in Vietnamese currency

Getting in and out of Central Vietnam

The majority of nationalities require a month-long tourist visa to enter Vietnam. Visas should be obtained prior to your arrival in the country, although they can be extended once you arrive.

You can buy your Vietnam Visa online at  Just choose your country of residence and passport and away you go!

By Air

The majority of visitors entering Vietnam via air will end up in either Hanoi in the north or Ho Chi Minh City in the south. However, Da Nang Airport is the main air hub for the central region and is well-served by domestic connections. It also offers a small number of regional international connections, and visas are available on arrival at this airport. Hue also has its own small airport which offers connections to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

By Train

Central Vietnam is well served by The Reunification Line – the single railway track that runs from the northern Chinese border to Ho Chi Minh City. Hopping on board a train in Vietnam is a great way to soak up the stunning scenery, from grazing water buffalo in the paddies to vistas of the South China Sea, even if stopping at a plethora of country towns does slow the service down a little. The overnight journey from Hanoi to Hue is one of the most popular routes used by tourists who want to take in the moving panoramas outside the train windows.

By Bus

Visitors tend to enter Central Vietnam en route from northern Hanoi or Southern Ho Chi Minh when they are travelling by bus. The main border crossing in the South is from the Cambodian border town of Moc Bai. If you are coming from the North, the Dong Dang and Lao Cai crossings are situated on the border with China. It is also possible for regional travelers on a tight budget who can spare an entire day on the road to make the bus trip to Hue from either Pakse of Savannakhet in Laos.

Terms & Conditions

Booking the Tour:

  • Minimum 2 persons per booking
  • Suggest booking a minimum of 6 weeks in advance during high season (October 1 to April 30) 
  • Allow 24 hours for to confirm your booking after you submit your request to us. 
  • Pricing in USD, per person

Payment Terms:

  • We accept secure payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal
  • TourChoice does not receive any customer sensitive data from credit card processing companies
  • Prepayment in full once your reservation has been confirmed by
  • Full and final payment must be paid 21 days prior to departure or the booking will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited. 
  • A booking voucher & invoice will be emailed to you immediately upon confirmation of your reservation. 
  • Please read about's unique consumer protection. 

Single Supplement Fee:

The single supplement fee is the additional amount that a single traveler pays over and above the price per person for groups of 2 or more. This being a private tour makes it very expensive for one person. Please ask us for a quote if you would like to travel solo.


We strongly recommend that you buy your own personal trip cancellation insurance for your own protection. You should also buy insurance coverage appropriate for medical, travel coverage and  personal liability which should include travel repatriation. The tour operator or tour agent cannot be held responsible for personal loss or injury where customers choose not to secure such insurance coverage

Cancellation and Refund:

The cancellation fee depends on the day of our written receipt of your cancellation. Email is best  Phone calls will not be accepted.

• 21 to 30 days before arrival date - refund less 10% of tour price,

• 14 to 20 days before arrival date - refund less 20% of tour price

•  6 to 13 days before arrival date or on arrival - refund less 30% of tour price

•  5 days or less and no shows  - forfeit 100% of tour price    

Changes to Tour:

The tour operator or tour guide may have to make changes to the services or the itineray as a result of such variables as weather conditions, political situations, road conditions and other unforseen circumstances.

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