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Andaman Sea Liveabord Snorkeling Tour to the Similian & Surin Islands

Thailand's Best 3 Night / 3 Day Liveaboard Snorkel Tour

All the snorkeling hot spots that we visit are part of the Similian National Park. We arrive at our locations early or we arrive late in order to have as much privacy as possible. This helps to make our tour the very best liveaboard snorkeling experience. Swim amongst magnificent underwater life with colorful corals, mantas, whale sharks and tropical fish. White sandy beaches are waiting when its time to go explore ashore or relax. Your Captain cruises a relaxed 12 knot course overnight while you sleep. In the morning you wake up to the the most beautiful islands:

Koh Bon is known for its manta rays. Koh Tachai is one of more beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea having very fine white sandy beaches and sparkeling clear blue water. Surin Islands with its diversity of coral, huge reefs, wide variet of fish and crystal clear warm water are very inviting. 

You board the boat the night before and enjoy an evening cruising on the Andaman Sea with a nice dinner. This well planned itinerary ensures that you are there ready for swimming and snorkeling early in the morning. The excitement builds and soon you are ready to go back in again. Your on board tour guide knows the best spots with crystal clear waters. 

Twin cabins have bunk beds and are air conditioned. 

Check out the itinerary and the photo gallery! 


Tour Itinerary & Map (below)


You will be picked up from your Khao Lak resort between 5.45 to 6.45 pm. Transfers from Phuket, Krabi, Khao Sok or any other destination can also be arranged. Please read our Good to Know for rates and pick up details from Phuket and otther areas. 
Once everyone is on board Reggae Queen, we set sail to Similan National Park where we will moor for the night. Reggae Queen sails a steady course into the late evening on the Andaman Sea arriving at your first destination just past midnight. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep so that when you wake up in the morning, you are ready for your first dive on the best Andaman snorkel tour. 
On our journey out, dinner will be served and you will get the chance to meet your fellow snorkeling companions. The boat will arrive at the Koh Bon. It's your first destination. 


Wake up to a delicious breakfast on board the boat at 7.30am. You've arrived at Similan National Park. We start our Andaman Snorkel Tour at Koh Bon, a 65 million year old island consisting of sedimented limestone. Koh Bon and Koh Tachai belong to the Similan National Park and are very popular diving locations. First we snorkel and explore Koh Bon Ridge’ or Manta Point. Our snorkeling stops are about for an hourt which is usually about enough time before moving onto the snorkel site. At Koh Bon you may see Mantas. But even without Mantas Koh Bon has variety, color and beauty and we know you will enjoy it so its an integral part of our tour program. After a short break we will move around so you can jjump in again and snorkel around the backside of the island. While you are underwater exploring, the kitchen crew will be preparing an apetizing lunch on board to serve you on your return after the dive. 
After lunch, we cruise over to Koh Tachai, one of the most beautiful islands in the Similan Marine National Park which is why we are one of the only snorkel tour operators that stops at Koh Tachai. We head for the southern tip of Koh Tachai which is called ‚Pineackle. On the way to Koh Tachai you have time to relax on the sundeck, read or have a nap. It's almost a 3 hour cruise to get there! , When we arrive in the afternoon, time for a dive and with a bit of luck, you may see a Manta Ray, a Whale Shark or too many Barracuda's to count. We choose this location for a late afternoon dive so that when we arrive, we are saying “bye bye” to the speedboats which are leaving. Koh Tachai in all its natural splendor is amazing and so we make the most of this hot tropical destination while it is empty. White powdery sandy beaches and the turquoise waters are yours to enjoy. After your fun is over, return to Reggae Queen and its time before sunset that we pull up the anchor and set sail for Surin National Park. Dinner is served during our journey. We will reach the Surin Islands in the evening and drop anchor for another starry night. Sleep well,  the next day has even more snorkeling adventures!


Wake up, you are now in the Surin Islands. Enjoy a hearty breakfast served on board the Reggae Queen at 7.30. Today your snorkeling starts early in Chong Kad Bay, its a perfect underwater world with coral and wide variety of marine life to endulge your visual senses. Its no wonder the Surin Archipelago is a top snorkeling location. We snorkel here for about an hour before heading onto one of the islands and visiting the Moken village (Sea Gypsies).
Included in your Andaman snorkel tour are cultural excursions as part of your itinerary. We take you to a Moken village and see what island life is like for these sea faring people. An ethnic minority group, the Moken live off the sea. Please dress appropriately when visiting. We try to be socially and environmentally responsible on the islands. The exciting part begins as we hire a traditional Moken taxi to take us to ‘Kra Thing Bay’. From here we will walk a short trail across the island to ‘Mai Ngam Bay’, a lovely place for relaxing on the beach and swimming. Depending on teh time of year, we moight see and  play with baby sharks in the mangroves.
After lunch we will take a short break and then navigate to our next stop called Mae Yai Bay.  Here you can enjoy more snorkeling in the crystal clear waters with beautiful coral and endless schools of tropical fish. Later at rround 4.30 in the afternoon we will arrive at our last snorkeling stop for the day, called  Turtle Bay.  We may take the dingy over to the main island.
Another delicious dinner on board the Reggae Queen tonight. Enjoy the warm starry evening topside as we will moor here for the night. Tomorrow is the last day on your Andaman snorkel tour.

Good to Know

Departure Dates 2016

November 2, Nov 6, Nov 9, Nov 13, Nov 16, Nov 20, Nov 23, Nov 27, Nov 30, December 4, Dec 7,  Dec 11, Dec 14, Dec 18, Dec 21, Dec 25, Dec 28

Departure Dates 2017

January 1, Jan 4, Jan 8, Jan 11, Jan 15, Jan 18, Jan 22, Jan 25, Jan 29 February 1, Feb 5, Feb 8, Feb 12, Feb 15, Feb 19, Feb 22, Feb 26, March 1, Mar 5, Mar 8, Mar 12, Mar 15, Mar 19, Mar 22, Mar 26, Mar 29, April 2, Apr 5, Apr 9, Apr 12, Apr 16, Apr 19, Apr 23, Apr 26, Apr 30

Private Transfer Rates to Pier in Khao Lak

  • Free from any Khao Lak resort 
  • $53 per car from Phuket Airport (for 2 people)
  • $74 per van from Phuket Airport (up to 6 people)
  • $74 per car from Phuket town, beaches (for 2 people)
  • $93 per van from Phuket town, beaches (up to 6 people)
  • $113 per car from Krabi  (for 2 people)
  • $163 per van from Krabi (up to 6 people)

Bus to Khao Lak

From Bangkok – buses go to Khao Lak from the southern bus terminal (Sai Tai). The trip, costs less than 1000 baht and takes about 10 hours overnight. Don't buy a bus ticket via Surat Thani, because it will take longer and you have to change the bus in Surat Thani. It is better to take a bus ticket via Ranong.

From Phuket – take a bus from Phuket Bus Station (Phuket Town) towards Takua Pa, Ranong or Surat Thani. A ticket will be less than 150 baht.

From Krabi – there is a daily minibus service to Khao Lak. All travel agents in Krabi sell tickets, which are around 400 baht. 

Where to Stay in Khao Lak

Khao Lak offers accommodation in  various price ranges. Fom low-cost guest houses to 6 star hotels. Our recommendations include the Rakkawan Residence, Banana Bungalows, R.T. Hotel, Khao Lak Sunset Resort and Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort. 

What to Bring

  • very good sun-protection, waterproof 30 and up
  • T-Shirt to wear in the water
  • bathing suits
  • towel
  • extra clothes
  • money


You can leave luggage that you don’t need on the snorkel trip at tour office in Khao Lak, we will store it for free. We also have a safety box if you do not want to bring valuables on board the boat. 

Snorkeling Equipment

We provide snorkeling equipment of course but you can bring your own if you prefer.

Terms & Conditions

Booking the Tour

  • Price USD, per person, a minimum of 1 person per booking 
  • Allow up to 24 hours for to confirm 
  • Provide all guest names and ages when booking
  • Master Cabin is $30 extra per night, per guest

Payment Terms

  • We accept secure payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal
  • TourChoice does not receive any customer sensitive data 
  • Prepayment in full once your reservation has been confirmed by  
  • A booking voucher & invoice will be emailed to you immediately upon confirmation of your reservation. 
  • Suggest booking a minimum of 1 month in advance for high season (November 1 to March)
  • Please read about's unique consumer protection. 


  • No children under the age of 7 

Refund / Cancellation Policy: 

If the guest cancels the trip, the following applies: Number of days prior to trip start:

  • 12 days or less, (Novemver to March) no refund


The itinerary is guide and may change due to any conditions at the Captains sole discretion as guest safety is the most important consideration. 

Ship Details

Sawan Reggae Queen Highlights

  • Length is 21 meters
  • Beam is 4.30 meters
  • Engines are 2 x Hino 275 PH engines
  • Cruising speed is 12 knots
  • 4 bathrooms, toilets or showers
  • Max guest capacity are 18 happy snorkelers
  • Air conditioned twin cabins  with bunk beds
  • One master cabin, forward berth with double bed ( $60 per person extra)
  • Safety features include  50L 100% oxygen with demand valve, medic first aid kit, radio, GPS, mobile phones, life jackets, dingy and fire extinguisher
  • Boat crew consists of the Captain, engineer, cook, cooks helper, boat boy, guide and tour leader

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